Friday Treat: Skittles & Rainbows

Some of my friends say I walk around with cartoon birds and a laser that spews rainbows (You may not know this from reading the blog because of all the tough love and cussing lol) and some say I dress like a bag of Skittles. I'm pretty partial to all things sunshiney and colourful - so even though I don't eat Skittles (I love my teeth/ stomach/intestines/future children/life too much) I love advertising for Skittles.

This is what people think about when they think of advertising. Random and irreverent candy and beer ads. (Sadly, it's not real life, but we can all dream, right?)

Happy Friday! If you're in New York, Happy Heat Wave! If you're on vacation, Eff You.

Your Friday Treat:

p.s. Justice for Trayvon.