Use Advertising For Good

Advertising at its best is selfish, manipulative and full of propaganda -- in one word: Evil.

However, at its best, Advertising inspires, motivates and informative.

I'd prefer doing more of the latter, of course, but often end up doing mostly the former. (There was a sad, sad time I worked on tobacco and felt my soul slowly deflate and crumple up on the floor.)

So, I blog, teach and mentor to appease my conscience and ensure at least a parking spot close to the doors of Heaven.

Whenever I see ads that move me - not to buy something - but to change the way I see something, or better yet, change the world - I'm always super excited.

This is the power we hold as creatives.

 We can convince people to buy things and, with the same flick of our wrists, we can convince people to do better, be better, to think differently.

Start thinking now about how can you use advertising to do something good. Try to include a PSA/Non-profit/social cause in your book*.

The angels will thank you.

Here's an example of an interesting looking and inspiring work for City Year.

City Year: Give a year. Change the world. 
via KissMyBlackAds

(*but only one. You don't want to come off as a sap.)