How to get ignored on LinkedIn

How do I put this in the least conceited way possible? Hmm... Okay. Here goes. Just hear me through until the end.

I have 34 unrequited invites to connect on LinkedIn.

That's 34 people who saw my name, clicked the big yellow connect button, and then (here's where they fell off) just hit the blue send invitation button, leaving the generic, boring and impersonal "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn" message to pop up in my inbox.

Here's the thing.

This is LinkedIn, not Twitter or Pinterest. This is my professional network. This is my career we're talking about here.

I don't just go around connecting with every Tom, Dick and Harry that lights up my inbox.

I'm not that kinda girl.

And most people aren't.

LinkedIn expressly says "Important: Only invite people you know well and who know you." Right before the invite button. (reading is fundamental)

If you're going to reach out to someone on LinkedIn - unless they're a coworker, close friend or family member - ALWAYS INCLUDE A MESSAGE.

- Remind the person where they met you.
- Tell them why you want to connect with them.
- Say a little something about yourself.
- If you have a shared connection, name drop.

Give them a reason to connect with you.

Sometimes I reply to these strangers and say "Ummm do I know you??" (actually I'm much nicer. I usually say: "Remind me, have we met?")

Sometimes they follow up and tell me that we have, or that they read my blog, or that they're a recruiter (who I think should know better) or they don't know me but "thought I looked interesting."

Yes. I am interesting. But you can enjoy that from afar.

LinkedIn is my sacred space to build and share my professional brand and create and foster relationships in my industry. This is where serious, buttoned up, career-conscious Neisha lives.

If you want to see interesting people, go to Poorly Dressed.

If you want to forward your career, be proactive and personable. And always, always follow the rules and basic etiquette of LinkedIn and stop sending blind invitations.

Tell your friends to tell their friends. Let's work together to end blind invitations on Linkedin. (I feel like I should organise a march or a rally or something to get the word out. No? Too much? Ok, fine.)

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