Creative Questions Answered

Yesterday I met (I use the term loosely) about 40 interns in the MAIP program.

The event "Where are they now?" And featured 5 MAIP alums who have done amazing things since their internships.

They gave great advice like maintaining connections, working harder than the hardest working person around you and how important having personal/side projects to supplement your job search -- and inspire you of course.
Then there was speed networking, which was, well, fast. Groups of 7-10 interns sat with 4 or 5 MAIP alums/ current industry professions to ask for tips, advice and direction.

There were a lot of questions asked that we in the creative group didn't get the chance to answer, based on time and the sheer volume of people.

So for all of you that I mentioned my blog to (yep, I'm not above shameless promotion) -  I decided to gather all the info here for you (if this isn't love, I don't know what is)


How do I switch from account/planning/media into creative?
Getting what you want out of your internship
Start small, think big - alternate routes to the creative department
Lateral movers: how to switch in 
Using your past experience 
Switching from pharma to general 
See the next two answers. But I'll write a special post about this too.

What do I need to know/do to be a creative?
Watch this movie immediately: Art & Copy
You won't start off a creative director

50 things every creative should know

Learn about the different departments and how they work together
Read this: Breaking In
Watch this short video: The Pursuit of Passion
5 Tips for Creative Wannabes
10 tips for young copywriters 
10 tips for young art directors
10 tips for young creatives
Making it: Thick Skin required
Going from freelance to full time

What is a portfolio? How do I make one?
Basics of your portfolio 
Portfolio broken down 
Read this: How to put your book together
What not to put in your book
Don't benetton your book
Things that make you look like an amateur
Avoid big name brands with already awesome ads
More tips on putting your book together
What people look for in a book 
What the bigwigs think of your book
What your portfolio says about you
Is your idea big enough 
Respect the brand

Should I go to portfolio school or make my book on my own?
Pros & Cons
My bias toward portfolio schools 
What to expect in portfolio school 
How to apply to portfolio school
Interview with non-portfolio school creatives
Interview with portfolio school creatives
What you won't learn in portfolio school

Should I know how to do many things or pick a specialty?
What do you know? 
What's so special about you?
(more coming on this soon.)

How does the creative process work?
The cycle of rejection 
Dealing with death
(more on this coming soon. It's not all bad, I promise)

Where do you find inspiration?
29 Ways to stay creative
Inspiration Hunting
Sites that spark creativity
More awesome websites 
20 ways to stay creative 
10 quick creative hacks

What do you do when you get an assignment and you just don't know where to start/ don't get it?
Hunt inspiration (see above) 
Always ask what if
Step away from the computer
10 ways to make smarter ads
Don't be afraid to fail 
Fail big

Dos + Don'ts + Tips
Creative Wannabe Work Commandments
29 things young creatives should know 
Be an asset 
Always overdeliver
Don't be an asshole 
How to make small talk 
Be on time
Don't be annoying

Always ask questions
Speak positively/ Believe in yourself
Email writing tips
Three things to must be/do 
12 things successful people do differently
Networking & following up tips to help people remember you

Seriously, you have to make people remember you 
Tips on keeping in touch

Things recruiters love and hate
Advice from a creative recruiter
Why Should Someone Hire You?
How to get your first job

And lastly. Get to work.

Remind me if I forgot anything or need to write something new.
If you don't remember anything else I say - remember this: Be amazing!