Things to stop doing. Immediately.

As I was looking at these ads I kept hearing Seth and Amy in the background going "Really?!"

The problem is, I also see a lot of this in student books.

Stop it.

Stop being shocking for the sake of being shocking.
Stop talking about sex, making sexual innuendos or douchey penis jokes.
Stop doing ads for products that don't need more ads (like Nike) or that are too easy/niche/random (like the Korean-Jamaican-Lebanese restaurant on your block).
Stop using Hitler in your ads. This also goes for snow globes.
Stop relying on borrowed interest.

Just stop it. 

 In portfolio school we had a quarterly awards show called the Baddies. It's were we featured and celebrated the worst work we'd done that quarter and had shots of Jameson to cover up the shame.

Like I said before: Don't Benetton Your Book. Get all that garbage out of your system now and keep your book smart, strategic and creative.

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