Annoy Your Coworkers

Creative office etiquette is an interesting thing.

We're encouraged to be free-flowing and funky, and the rules are a little looser in an ad agency -- but there is still a point where too much is too much.

For the most part, we sit in open spaces with half or no walls. I've been in offices with Wiis, X-boxes, foosball tables, pool tables, bars, graffiti walls and one strange place that had a shower in every bathroom stall.

However, no matter how fun the place looks, we're business people. And you have to remember that (contrary to everything your Mom's ever told you) you are not the center of the world. So pipe down and keep it together.

Here is a small list of Things My Coworkers Do To Annoy Me (And you shouldn't do to anyone else. Or else.)

1. Play their obnoxious loud music on their shitty Macbook speakers. I don't care how awesome that band is or how much you love this song -- I'm trying to concentrate/have a client call/have to come up with an amazing idea in 2 hours and you're throwing me off.

2. Start convos with me while my headphones are in. And then get mad that I don't hear them. Um, hey buddy... I'm staring at a tiny screen with these little buds in my ear. It may look like I'm focused and being productive because I am. So if you need to talk, signal to me and wait until I take out my earbuds or better yet -- just email or IM me.

3. Have loud phone conversations. Either put it on speaker so I can be fully involved with your argument with your wife or the exciting details of your sister's wedding or use your inside voice. If you have no inside voice, trying going outside.

4. Interrupt my ad hoc meeting or concepting session. If the building's not on fire or Tina Fey's not in the lobby, then whatever you have to say can wait until I'm done with the business at hand.

5. Come to work all gross and sick. I mean, come on! Have a little respect for yourself - or better yet - for me. I know you have stuff to get done, but so do I and how is anything going to get done if we're all home sick? Do everyone a favour and keep your nasty germs to yourself and work from home. Or here's a crazy thought - take a sick day, rest up, get better and come back to work when you're 100%.

Maybe it's just me.

I can be particular and according to my friends "difficult" but while I love fun as much as the average bear, I also have work to do and when it comes to your interruptions and distractions, my friend Sweet Brown says it best :

So here's my office advice Creative Wannabes 
Be considerate.
Don't be an asshole.
Respect the work space.
Respect your coworkers.

(However if it's  after 3pm on a slow Friday and you wanted to annoy them, always does it for me)