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Super Saturday: Finding and Following Your Passion
 Guest post written by Simeon Coker

Change your plans this Saturday (April 21st), you have the rest of your life to sleep and drink mimosas. NY Creative Interns is hosting an event at the School of Visual Arts, “Finding and Following Your Passion”. The event will be a full day of panels, discussions, hands on workshops, networking, and fun. The purpose of the event is to provide you with inspiration, new ideas, collaborators, mentors and essential tools that will help you on your journey.

“Finding and Following Your Passion” will:

§ Expose you to a wealth of traditional and non-traditional career paths

§ Give you tools to pursue your dream career

§ Bring together young creatives from differing fields to collaborate on future projects

It’s not free, but the next best things in life are never free. http://nycreativeinterns.com/conference/  Seize the moment, if you can.