20 Ways To Stay Creative

This month's issue of Thrive, Tangerine Watson's e-zine has some great articles in it. (And I'm not just saying that because there's a feature by yours truly).

I wanted to share Renae Bluitt's piece on  
20 Ways to Stay Creative 

Creativity = EVERYTHING. Whether you’re working on a new business pitch, developing your brand’s Spring ’12 collection, or getting ahead of industry trends, creativity is a MUST. But what happens when your creative juices just aren’t flowing? Better yet, what if you think your well of creativity has totally run dry? You get up, get out, and DO something, that’s what! Following are 20 ways to get and stay creative, even when your proverbial road to inspiration is blocked.

Ready, set, CREATE!

1. Step away from the computer

2. Quit beating yourself up

3. Take breaks

4. Sing in the shower

5. Listen to new music

6. Be open

7. Surround yourself with creative people

8. Collaborate

9. Don’t give up

10. Go somewhere new

11. Break the rules

12. Take risks

13. Don’t force it

14. Get plenty of rest

15. Don’t try to be someone else’s perfect

16. Declutter your workspace

17. Carry a notebook everywhere

18. Finish something

19. Visit a local museum or art exhibition

20. Have fun!