YouTube's Most Viewed Ads of 2011

What were your favourite ads of 2011?

I find people in the industry often make ads to entertain people in the industry and not necessarily to engage the target market they are supposed to be selling to. A lot of what wins at award shows, while jaw-droppingly awesome to me, goes right over the head of the average consumer.

It's kind of like that with your portfolio. You're creating to appeal to Creative Directors and Creative Recruiters, not necessarily grandpa who needs Centrum Silver or Joe Farmer who needs a John Deere.

If you're good though, really good, you can appeal to both. You can show that you understand the market, you know the target and you can create something creatively mind-blowing that consumers can relate to and that will make a CD salivate.

That being said, check out YouTube's Most Viewed Ads of 2011. Check them out and see what's creative, strategic and relevant to the target.

How can you create campaigns that CDs and consumers will love?