watch your step at the front desk

Rule #298: Don't be rude to the man/woman by the front door.

I recently had a friend and her partner come in to interview at my agency. My friend stopped by early and came to my floor to hang out for a bit first and told her partner to meet at my desk.

They interviewed and left. The creative recruiter liked them and said she'd be probably be in touch.

A few minutes after they left, the security guy at the front desk called me and told me that my friend's partner was horrid and has a nasty attitude. Apparently she had been extremely rude to him when she came in to see me.

He said in no uncertain terms that he does not want people like her at this agency, no matter how good she is.

Thank God I wasn't the creative recruiter or someone who could hire her, or she'd be f*#%ed.

So just a friendly reminder to you - be nice to all the little people. They know the people on top.