Sex sells

This might be old news to you. Especially seeing how Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are famous.

When it comes to advertising, using a hot supermodel or half-naked soccer player can definitely catch people's attentions, but in your portfolio it just looks cheap and tawdry. (Kinda like Kim K)

I love/hate this Liquid-Plumr ad (I almost wrote Drano, which is very bad for them because I remember the ad but not the brand. Beware of this problem with it comes to parity products.) Anyway, back to the ad. It's heavy on innuendo and product benefit but the sex may overwhelm the message.

I applaud the brand for taking such a big risk, but I'm warning you, when it comes to your book, avoid innuendos and anything overly sexual. Too easy Drill Sergeant.