Creative New Year Resolutions

2012 is the Year of [insert your name here]. I'm not into making resolutions but let's start setting some ground rules for how we're going to operate this year. You have a lot of things you want to accomplish, so stop being a whiny brat and get to work. 

Say it after me, "This year, I WILL:

If you’re in school:
* Stay up to date on every and anything going on in the industry

* Network with classmates, graduates and working professionals.

* Enter as many competitions as possible

* Never give up.

* Push all my ideas to be award-winning, quality, conceptual and artfully-executed pieces.

If you’re looking for a job:
* Research the people, places and clients I want to work on and reach out to the appropriate people to make it happen

* Always write thank you notes

* Update my book as often as possible to keep it current and keep myself busy

* Push, push, push and push.

* Make looking for a job my job and put in several hours a day into emailing, calling and meeting with people.

If you already have a job:

* Collect and keep all the files of things I’ve been working on. Produced or not. Just in case.

* Update my book at least twice this year.

* Find a work mentor and a work ally to help me grow

* Impress my boss and coworkers

* Work harder than my boss and coworkers

* Look at every project like “This is my chance to be amazing.” And I will find a way to make it true.

* Always do my best. Always.