Three must bes

Three things you must be in order to get a job, be successful and win at life:

1. Hardworking: You have to be willing to put in 100% and then throw in an extra 3 in there for good measure. You have to stay late, come early, do more, ask for more, go a little bit past above and a little further than beyond. You have to show that you're reliable, determined and in it to win it.

The worst things you can be called in this business are "lazy" and "entitled."

2. Competent: Some people are naturally talented writers, art directors, creative thinkers. Some people learn it and get better over time. Regardless of how you got here, you need to prove that you belong here. Writers need to know how to write. Art directors need to know how to design and lay out type. You can have a million ideas but if you can't execute any of them then you're useless. Know your programs, know your craft, know your shit. No one can fake this for you. If you get to work and can't do the work, they're going to send you home.

3. A Pleasure. You can be both of the above and more but if people don't enjoy working with you ,you'll never make it. Advertising is a high school cafeteria of sorts. And if you are not likeable, sociable and easy to get along with, you're going to be alone, at home. If you're not a friendly person or you come off as disinterested/difficult or any of those things, now is a good time to look into a new career. I heard Wells Fargo is hiring.