Find a mentor

Doesn't it feel like you always want something? You want a portfolio, you want feedback on your portfolio, you want a job... Now you want a mentor. It never ends with you does it Needy McNeedalot?

Here are some tips on mentor hunting.

* Reach out to people whose work you respect and admire.

* Kiss their ass.

* Tell them about yourself (aka sell yourself)

* Build a rapport. Keep them engaged and entertained. Give them reasons to reply and reach out to you. You have to have a genuine relationship with someone to have them be your mentor. If they don't have a vested interest in you they're not going to care if you finish your book or end up working at Bath + BodyWorks or not. Make them like and care about you.

* Ask them to be your mentor. Or if you or they are scared of the m word (creatives can be such commitmentphobes) just ask them if you can reach out to them periodically for advice, guidance and feedback.

Don't be annoying.
Don't send epic or boring emails. (read these emailing tips)
Don't send too many emails in too short a time.
Don't pester them.
Don't call them unless it's absolutely necessary.
Don't always reach out when you want something - sometimes just check in on them or cheer for them if you've seen something they produced recently.

Do be respectful of their time.
Do show them you appreciate them.
Do ask them to introduce you to other people.
Do make it worth their time - take their feedback, grow, get better.
Do know your place - y'all aren't friends.

Happy mentor hunting!