What If?

What If is your best friend.

If you haven't met What If yet, let me introduce you. (And don't go telling people that you met What If first and start acting like you and What If have been down for so long when you know I put you on to What If.) What If, this is blog reader.
Blog reader, this is What If.

What If is an idea pusher. Kinda like a drug dealer. But without the guns and danger and whole "ruining your life" bit.

What If is the beginning of every good idea.

When you get involved with What If, it's a nonstop, no-holes-barred, uncensored creative brainstorm session.

Ask anything. Throw anything out there. Don't stop yourself to think about whether it's real or feasible or fun or sensible or not.

Take whatever the project/brand/product/service is and turn it every which way and ask What If.

What if it were blue?
What if aliens were using it?
What if it could fly?
What if it were free?
What if your dog ate it?
What if Will Arnett were selling it?
What if this were the 70s?
What if the government banned it?
What if it got wet and reproduced?
What if we shrunk it?
What if it were in an oyster?

Then, take those What Ifs and run with them. Go on a rapid, random tangent like they do in Family Guy or in Scrubs. Let your imagination take that what if and see what it can make of it.

Remember, there are no judgements in brainstorming. So just let your mind go and let What If take over for a while. You never know where you might end up. Or what you can make happen.

If you do nothing else I mention in this blog, always ask what if. (And seriously, don't be an asshole.)