Watch This: Pursuit of Passion

Sadly, too few people know about the creative career path. They end up going into magazine design, journalism, or *shudder* law. Too few high schools are telling the artsy, weird kids that they'd be welcome in an ad agency. Too few colleges are teaching copywriting and art direction. Too few parents know what a portfolio school is.

So we end up with ad agencies with creative departments that don't reflect the rest of the country. There aren't many Black creatives, or Brown, or Yellow. Culturally, we're often told to be doctors, lawyers, teachers... "normal" careers. Go get your MBA. Major in finance. Intern at a newspaper.

I remember when I told my mother I wanted to go to portfolio school. I'd already gone to a school out of Georgia, where I'd earned in-state (aka free) tuition to go to UF (Go Gators) and pay out the ass. And now I wanted to go back to Georgia, to pay even more money, to go back to school --- a school called the Circus at that? Yeah. It was a tough sell.

Thankfully for you, there are organisations and groups working to educate schools, students and parents about advertising and the creative career path. *whew*

The Pursuit of Passion has a short video featuring some interesting folk, just like you, who followed their hearts and pursued a job in advertising. They share their stories and tell about their lives and professions.

Check it out and share with your friends and parents so they know you're not the only weirdo who likes to draw/write/create.

Watch the film here
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