Make it up

I used to have business cards that said "imaginationer" and "maker-upper" (among other things)
That's what I do. Imagine and make shit up. Every day.

My client comes to me and says "I can't sell these whatevers." and I make something up to get people to want to buy it. That's my job.

That could be your job.

Start thinking of new ways to do, say and sell everything.

How can you brand yourself differently?

How can you sell toilet paper differently?

How can you reach people online differently?

It really irks me when students and juniors come back with nothing. Don't tell me you weren't sure or you didn't understand. Your entire purpose in life right now is to make stuff up and what you're telling me is that you're useless.

Don't be a waste of DNA.

Even if you're not sure, always show up with something. The only wrong answer is no answer. I don't know is a cop out. 

If you're working on your portfolio, you should be coming up with 50+ ideas per assignment. You have no budgets, lawyers or clients, you have absolutely nothing stopping you but yourself.

If you're a junior, you should have 40+ ideas. Even if they may not work. You have to show that you're thinking and you're trying.

Keep imagining. Keep pretending. Keep making stuff up. Keep asking what if.

Get to work!