Bad News for Holiday Job Hunter

Sorry to break it to you, but if you're looking for a job this fall/winter, you may want to secure some food stamps, freelance or some family/friends who love you and are willing to support you for a few more week/months. (I will say though, I was hired in December before, so miracles do happen. Don't lose hope chicklets.)

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Tis The Season Not To Hire

It's November. Agencies aren't like departments stores. They don't staff up for the holiday season. The hiring process slows sometimes because decision-makers aren't available. They're trying to use up their vacation days and attend holiday events, from the office parties to their kids' Christmas plays. Sadly, some companies have to make those painful cuts. (I was once laid off from an agency on Christmas Eve.)

Now that they are slowing their hiring efforts, does that mean you take a holiday break?

No. Not ever.

Agencies with recent big wins sometimes have a need to hire immediately, because they need to hit the ground running in January. (New employees have no vacation time.) Some have a desperate need to fill spots, because someone quit, short-staffed, etc.

Let's say you are fortunate enough to get called in for an interview in November or December. Ask how soon do they plan to fill the position.

If it's 2011, follow up immediately with a memorable thank you letter. Never do email. The personal touch is always best. If it's 2012, still send a nice "thank you," but follow up with another in January.

It worked for me.

Years ago, I was hired at my former job at Campbell-Ewald in December – days before the company party. I really had something to celebrate that year.