Reality Check: There's someone better than you

Arrogance is pretty high on the Asshole List.

Despite everything your Mom says, you're not the best. And whenever you start feeling yourself a little too much, come back and read this sentence. There is someone out there that's a better writer/ art director/ designer/ creative/ everything than you. 

Keep them as close to you as possible.

I was talking to my partner the other day and she said "I don't want to be the best. I'll get lazy. I need to feel like I'm the worst so I can keep working to be better." And I fell in love with her all over again.

I'm the same way. I need negative feedback. I need criticism. I need to hear that good isn't good enough. This is what moves me. Knowing that I can do better is what keeps me energised and inspired and pushing for greatness.

When I see work that makes me go, "Crabs! I wish I thought of that!" or "&^#&^$%@ that's a good line!" I revel in that delicious mixture of awe and envy.

Then I put it in my pocket and save it for my next project and start plotting on ways I elicit that same response in someone else.

Look for the people and campaigns and things that make you jealous. Collect everything that showcases that you suck. Bookmark them. Scan them. Print them and keep them in your wallet. Do whatever it takes to highlight what great looks like and remind yourself that you are not great.

Your book can be better. Your writing or art direction skills can be better. You can be better. So go find that person that makes you feel stupid and useless. And use that as your fuel.