Must Watch: Art & Copy

A movie about advertising! Holy fisherman's bowtie!

I remember sneaking out of work with an art director I'd maybe met once to go watch Art & Copy. The theatre was one of those small, indy type spots where you wouldn't eat the popcorn if they had any. It was about four or five of us watching the film but I don't remember anything or anyone until the credits started rolling.

I'm not into documentaries, but this was a documentary about what I do. There were no fight scenes or love triangles or anything super exciting honestly. It was so interesting and informative though. You see the campaigns and the people behind the campaigns - like Nike, iPod, Milk. It also goes into a bit of history and basically shows you how no one really knew what they were doing back then. And still kinda don't know honestly. We have better titles now and job descriptions, but we're all just making it up as we go along. And I love that about advertising. I love that we're all just moving and shape-shifting and evolving and translating and taking something old, something new, something weird and something familiar and merging it all into something real. Something people see, hear, experience and respond to. Something people remember.

I left feeling so inspired and proud. This is what I am a part of. Seeing these ad legends talk about the how and why behind campaigns and hearing their stories made me want to do something great. Something iconic and memorable. I left that dingy old theatre feeling compelled to create something new.

I hope you feel even half of that watching Art & Copy.

Here's the trailer:

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