Inspiration - Resumes That Win

Creative resumes need to be... (wait for it)... Creative.

As a copywriter, art director or designer, your resume is the perfect canvas for you to showcase your style, personality and skills. Oh, and your experience and awards and whatever other fancy things you'd like to show off.

Unlike other (boring) jobs and industries, having your weird hobbies, the fact that you've lived in 18 different countries or your obsession with jelly beans on your resume actually helps.

Agencies are looking for diverse talent - that means people with different backgrounds and experiences and creative thinkers - people who can take something mundane (like a resume) and turn it into something fun and interesting. So every chance you have to show this, use it.

Of course your resumes need to have the content to back up the creativity.

Resume must haves: 
* All of your contact information and your site.
* Your advertising work experience.
* If you don't have much ad work experience, list your non-ad work and write a quick sentence on how it helps you in the ad game.
* Your skills: Photoshop, Flash, nunchucks.
* Your education
* Any awards or other qualifications or interests
* NO TYPOS (seriously, I will come to your house and stab you with a freshly-sharpened pencil if I see a misspelling or poor grammar on your resume.)

Here are some cool/interesting resumes I found on the Internet.

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