Here's an idea: Keep it simple.

Simplicity is king! Bow down to him and give him sacrifices of lambs and virgin's blood. Worship him! Ruler of all things easy to understand and quick to get! Oh, ye great majesty of awesome and exactitude. (Ok I got a little carried away there. Let me get it together. Ahem.) 

When coming up with ideas, the simpler the better.

The minute you start having to tell a backstory, explain some sort of complex technology or do a set up presentation, you've already lost. You should be able to explain your idea in three sentences or less.

In school I had a teacher that said your idea should be simple enough to write on a napkin (normal size font and kerning of course)

Initially I thought this was ridiculous. I'm a writer dude, let me write. But more words don't make an idea better. They just make it wordier.

You should be aiming for clear, complete and concise ideas.

And BIG of course. If your idea is not big, don't bring it. (The bigger, clearer, completer and conciser your idea is, the better, more creative, more impactful, more awesome your ads/campaign is going to be.) (Yes I made up a bunch of words just now. I'm a writer dude, let me write.)

Earlier this year, I told my students they should be able to pitch their ideas in 140 characters or less. I call this the Tweet Test. (Don't go stealing my idea name. I'll hunt you down like a wild animal.)

If you can't express a complete thought in 140 characters you need to rethink it. If no one gets the idea now, no one will get your ad later.

(I made this up. And probably could've cut it down by 50-90  characters.)