Advertising Week 2011: Oct 8-7

Advertising Week is almost here!

This is a great opportunity to meet new people and see what's going on in the industry. There are several events going on and many geared to students, so check it out and hopefully it's not too late to register. See the calendar

Few Tips to Make The Most Out of Advertising Week:

* Collect business cards and write personalised thank you notes a few days later.  Read up on the Art of Emailing and Emailing Dos & Don'ts

* Meet as many people as you can. Regardless of their position or agency. Every connection helps.

* Connect with people on LinkedIn (not Facebook or twitter - they are not your friends.) And when you send a LinkedIn invitation for Zeus's sake, include a personal note about how you met them.

* Have your business cards and portfolio ready to share.

* Write down every bit of feedback you get on your portfolio. No matter who gives it. No matter if you like it or plan to use it or not. (Read up on Accepting Feedback)

* Listen. Learn. Every meeting is an informal interview and this is your one chance to make a great impression. (Read Interview Dos & Don'ts)

*Stand out. (Read What's So Special About You)

* Smile with everybody. All the time. It's better they think you're batshitbonkers than think you're stuck up. (P.S. Don't be an asshole.)

Shameless self promotion:
I'll be at Operation Inspire, Part 2 Monday October 3rd 1 - 3pm.  Register Now
Following lunch, the Art Directors Club will lead a session aimed at preparing students for applying to college. Presentations from college counselors and industry professionals will be included.

Presented by Passion4Advertising, in partnership with the Art Directors Club, The TORCH Program and VCU Brandcenter

Where Are All the Black People? Tuesday October 4th 8am - 7pm  Register Now
"Where Are All the Black People?" is a follow up to a successful panel held during the 2011 Creative Week in New York and moderated by Jeff Goodby and Jimmy Smith. Our aim is to provide concrete, real world solutions to the lack of diversity in advertising creative departments.

Rick Boyko, Director, VCU Brandcenter
Jeff Goodby, Co-Chairman and Creative Director, GS&P
Jimmy Smith, Group Creative Director, TBWA/CHIAT/DAY
Jim Riswold, Instructor, W+K 12

Presented by The One Club

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