10 Tips for Young Creatives

Lists are my favourite! (I'm a virgo and partially insane.) 

Today's post comes from one of the reasons I stayed in advertising. There was a point I wanted to throw up the deuces and move to Costa Rica and teach orphans. (This thought runs through my mind at least twice a year to be honest) and then I met this ray of sunshine covered in skin.  Emily Elyshevitz is everything. I started to list all her titles and roles and my head started to hurt. Her business cards say "Career Development Manager at Ogilvy" but they're kidding. She is everything.

Here is Emily's list of  10 Things all young creatives should know and do:

1. Branch out of advertising. It is okay to have other interests: music, acting, filmmaking, non profits, etc.

2. Be involved at work. Hard work that produces great creative is important but so is becoming part of agency culture.

3. Play nice. Look to your left, look to your right, this is your network. The future advertising superstars.

4. Keep pushing. Never get too comfortable with your first idea unless you've heard it channeled from God.

5. Stand out. First impressions are crucial. It's hard to shake a bad one.

6. Act right. When dealing with a cranky creative director remember the rules of the playground: no hitting, no spitting, no kicking.

7. Stay connected. Your network is not just within the ad industry. You should seek out artists and all types.

8. Code Blue is an excellent hangover drink.

9. Take care of yourself. Make sure you eat a good breakfast gets your brain working.

10. Enjoy yourself. Always, always, always have inspiring, mind blowing safe sex.


(This post was particularly fun because she just sent the list, and I had to write the little numbered intros and figuring out how to summarise #8 and #10 really made me think for a bit. I heart Emily.)