Things that make me want to burn down ad agencies

Ridiculous ads like this.

Perhaps this isn't the time or place for this, but I'm genuinely hurt and upset. When I see misguided and insensitive ads like this it makes my heart cry.

Especially after knowing how many rounds of revisions it had to go through.
Especially after knowing how many people had to approve this.
Especially after knowing that someone picked this as the best option from everything else they had.

Usually when I see ads that people say are racist I say, "Eh. Maybe it has racially prejudicial undertones. But you're reading too much into it."

But this mess right here... *pulls out race card and places it on the table*


We need more multicultural creatives.

We need more people with diverse backgrounds and interests in brainstorm sessions.
(Diverse not necessarily meaning Black/Asian/Hispanic, but meaning well-traveled, culturally involved and aware.) 

And most importantly, we need more people who will speak up and say "This may not go over well, guys."