People to always be nice to:



Even the people you don't like. Even the ones who aren't nice to you.

You're going to meet these people again at another agency or at an industry event and you don't know who they could introduce you to, what job openings they may know about or when someone is going to ask them about you. (See Friday's post with advice on the Six Degrees of Separation in Advertising from a long-time creative recruiter.)

Who you know is just as important as what you know.

And they may not be the big fish now or be at the big name agency, but you'd be surprised where they end up (and where they can subsequently help you get.)

My old boss's boss started off as a creative assistant. Now he's a CCO.

Here's a list of people to always be extra kind to

* Receptionists (Get on their good side and they'll put your calls through, set up meetings for you, and tell you who you need to meet and maybe even introduce you.)

* Creative assistants. (Similar to receptionist. And he/she may help you with expenses!)

* Your counterparts. Even the lazy, douchey ones. (You'd be surprised how many informal reference checks happen)

* Recruiters. They remember. And they move around. So if they like you when they’re at Mediocre Agency Y, they’ll still like you when they’re at Amazing Agency X.

The connections you make follow you everywhere in this business. So do the connections you break.

Advertising karma is no joke. *Cue eerie music and light flicker*