How to Show Off Without Looking Like A Show Off

"Hey everybody! Come see how good I look!"

She said: "I make the best lasagne!"

I thought: "It's probably not that great."

I'd never tasted her lasagne. And I didn't want to. And I definitely didn't believe it was "the best."

Maybe if someone had told me. Or maybe if she had a certificate or something. Or maybe if she'd given me a slice and let me decide for myself.

But her bursting out that her shit is The Best turned me off a bit.  

Self praise can have the opposite effect. So be very careful how and when you show off.  

Even though you have to be aware of what you're good at - there's a fine line between confident and cocky.

Here are some tips and tricks that have worked for me to help walk that pesky line. 

How to Show Off Without Looking Like A Show Off: 

* Show don't tell. Actions really do speak louder than words. Get a reputation for being amazing by being amazing.

* Let someone else toot your horn. Do great work and about five people will notice and one or two will say it. And more importantly, they'll want you to be on more projects because "He writes the best long copy!" or "Her design sense is light years ahead of the game." (It sounds so much better when someone else says it, doesn't it?)

* Rephrase it. Say "I'm good at... I love... I am well versed in..." Now you sound competent and confident.

* Sneak it in. Subtly drop your accomplishment/skill/accolade into the sentence WHEN APPLICABLE. Don't go bringing up the One Show student award you got when dude is talking about his kid's school play. You're too creative for clumsy boasting like that. Make it relevant and relatable. 

Bonus - all these tips work when flirting too.