Back2Work: Watch out for that bus!

Because sooner or later, someone is going to throw you under it. #killerwhaleshrug 

It's usually not out of malice, it's probably more based on self preservation. (Or maybe I'm too naive and hopeful. Evil does exist. Have you watched Fox News?)

Everybody is just looking out for Number 1 so if they can find a scapegoat, make themselves look better, or just provide some juicy water cooler talk - they will do it. Twice.

It's a harsh world out there, folks.

People will steal you ideas. Your thunder. Your glory. Your red stapler and your yogurt (even if it clearly has your name on it and says "Don't eat me. I am poison.")

Some people are just super competitive. Some people don't realize what they're doing/saying and how it may affect you. Some people get scared when backed in a corner. Some people are just assholes.

When it comes to whether or not you or I will look bad/get fired/fail, who would you pick to save?

People (your coworker/friend/partner/ account person/planner/guy who sits next to you) will sell you out at some time or another, for one reason or another.

What can you do? 

Be amazing. Don't give anybody the opportunity to say something negative about you. Go above and beyond to show you're a hard worker and consistent so if something comes up, at least one person can say "Hmm, that's very unlike him..."

Have an ally. Get a work buddy (someone who is not your partner or direct superior) who you can build a work relationship with and who can vouch for your skills and integrity when it matters. This person isn't your mentor or your friend. They are a coworker who knows your work ethic and can be an impartial source of advice, support or backing up when necessary.

Shake it off. It happens to the best of us. Consider it a compliment that someone saw you as enough of a threat to try to take down.

Be the better person. Do your damage control and make up for whatever was said/done next time by being amazing x 100 trillion. But don't fight fire with fire. It's not worth it.

Just start thickening your skin, keeping your eyes open, watching your back and working harder than hard so if (when) something happens, you'll have a good enough reputation to fall back on and recovery will be quick and painless.

And most importantly, don't be that guy. You don't have to put someone down to bring yourself up. Either you're great or you're not. Making someone else look bad won't make you look any better.

The advertising industry is small and burning bridges will leave you stranded and hungry on an island one day.