Back2Work: Do You Want Fries With That?

Everybody loves an overachiever.
When you get an assignment and they ask for two things, give them three.

When they ask for a print campaign, throw in a free and easy to make it a digital idea.

When they ask for some banners, add on a way to extend it to Facebook, Twitter and foursquare. 
Look at your work and find a way to add fries. 

Take whatever project, no matter how big or small, and try to find ways to turn it into something that will make your client look good, your agency look good and most importantly, something that will make you look good.  

As advertising folks, we're supposed to be leading the client down the path of greatness.

As juniors/interns, you're supposed to be leading the agency down the path of greatness.

I had a creative director who'd say, "That's good. Now make it great." I hated him for it at times. (I mean, I worked on this every day 'til 3 a.m. and it's 87% better than anything that client has ever done and you're saying it's just "good"? WTF man.) But it made me always push my work and really try to take things to another level.

Let the account team and client water down your idea. Let them say "Whoa, this is too creative." Don't ever limit yourself.

Especially if you're in school. Your portfolio should be epically amazing. You have no budgets, no CEOs, no FCC, no boundaries. You have absolutely nothing stopping you from creating the most groundbreaking, interesting, exciting and engaging campaign EVER.

This is what will make you stand out. This is what will get you hired. 

You have the time, thoughts and talent to be completely awesome. So go ahead and do it. 

Go above and beyond.

Go reach for that next big thing.

Give them what they think they want, then give them what you think they want, then put some whipped cream on it and serve it up on a golden platter.

But always, always (always) give it on time.

Nobody loves missed deadlines.