Back2Work: Be On Time

That's it.

Nothing else to say on that topic really. 

When I did MAIP, I remember Tiffany R Warren always saying "Early is on time. On time is late. Late is unacceptable."

As someone just starting out and trying to make a good impression (and as a human with body parts) you should aim to always be early.

To meetings.
To interviews. (They Hate this

To work.
To meals (especially with me. When I'm hungry I am a 2 year old and cannot be trusted.)

When you're on time it shows people that you respect their time, you're a go-getter and you value whatever activity you're about to partake in. You come off interested and engaged.

When you're late, you come off as an asshole. (And you know how I feel about assholes) 

Be responsible.
Time yourself accordingly. 
Get up earlier. 
Leave earlier. 
Set an alarm for when you need to wake up and another for when you need to leave the house. Put out your clothes the night before. 
Allot time for traffic delays, rain and unforseen hiccups to make sure you're on time.

And if for whatever reason, you are going to be late - call, email, send a carrier pigeon and let people know so they're not waiting for you and silently plotting your death. (I really hate waiting when I'm hungry.)