Where To Work?

How do you decide where you want to work?

I've talked a lot about going to school (or not), what to put in your portfolio, how to contact recruiters, and what to do when you're at work but very little about that in between part - going from school to work.

There are so many options, and thus, so many questions, and consequently, so much confusion and fear.

What coast? state? What city?
Big agency or small agency?
Public or private owned?
Traditional or digital?
General market or multicultural?
Commercial goods or pharma?

Here's a website that can help you learn a bit of what's out there.

The Creative Ham. (Interesting name. I'm pretty anti-pork but I'm going to let it slide this time)

There are opportunities all across America for you to get your foot in the door or start a smashing career.

Check out their Forever Incomplete List of agencies to see who is close to you or where you want to be.

Outside of geography, the advice I've always gotten and lived by is - Go where there is most opportunity for growth.

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