Must Read: Breaking In Book

by William Burks Spencer

Guard your fingers my loves! 

Behold! A book. With words. And pages. And paper. And, thus, paper cuts.

And an amazing amount of information about creating a portfolio that will get you hired -- with interviews from big name creative directors that you want to hire you at big name agencies that you want to work at.

I present to you:



Ari Merkin (oops, I dropped something. A name.) recommended the site for this book when I reached out to him for tips for my Recruiter Loves + Hates post. He basically said: been there, done, that, here's the link

I don't know this William author/copywriter character, but this Breaking In Book is right on par with my mission: Helping you be a better creative. It's jam-packed with tips, dos, don'ts and straight horse's mouth talk on every page. Therefore, it has received the first ever Official Baby Food For Creatives Stamp of Approval. (It's not so much a stamp as much as it is sticky fingerprints on the front cover. But potayto potahto.)

Comment on this post and tell me why you need Breaking In the most and I'll mail you a copy.
For free. No strings attached. (Though all karma rules apply.)