Back2Work: Be an asset

First you have be an expert and now you have to be an asset, too? *wipes sweat*

Yep. When you get to work you'll see that it's a big ole table. And some people have their reputations, their egos and their awards taking up a whole lot of space on it. And some people are just there because they're friends with someone else. So you need to come with a whole lot to even be seen.

The good part is, being an asset doesn't necessarily require too much extra work. Make it part of your daily routine - your general modus operandi.

It's all about being ready, willing and able.

When something needs to be done, volunteer to do it. Especially if it's something that no one else really wants to do. Like looking for images or resizing banners or writing text links or newspaper headlines.

Offer to put the deck together or proofread the copy.

Turn in your projects in on time or head of schedule.

If you have an idea to make someone else's campaign better, share it with them.

If the company wastes water/paper/tea pods, come up with an idea to go green and pitch it to someone.

Stay informed on the category and pop culture and share examples of cool or interesting things that can help the campaign or this client overall. Youtube watching does pay off!

Get involved in agency sub-organizations and non-work projects.

Take the small stuff off someone else's plate, stay visible and show your creativity and personality in every way that you can.

Do whatever it takes to gain everyone's trust and then over time, you can start asking for bigger things.

 It's all part of your evil plan *rubs hands together diabolically.*

But seriously, once they know they can depend on you, they'll start using you more.

Like I said in my post on getting what you want: look at every assignment and every opportunity as a lesson to get you closer to where you want to be. Similar to college where you took courses to gain knowledge to get closer to graduating in your major, see what you want skills and knowledge you need to gain every step of the way – because ultimately it’ll take you higher.

Think big, but start small.