Where for art thou Portfolio?

Now for those of you I made stand outside at the beginning of the last post, sorry about that. I have to have standards you know.

Don't take it personally. Well, actually, yes, take it personally.

You can't be very serious about getting a job as a creative if you don't have a portfolio.

So you have two options.

Work on your book on your own. Or go to portfolio school.

Portfolio School
You are trained to think creatively and strategically
You are taught by teachers who are or used to work in the agencies you want to work
You work with a partner (CW + AD)
You practice your computer skills
You hone your presentation skills
You get guidance, criticism and direction

Two Years

Go It Alone
More creative control and independence 

You either have to find your own partner or art director/ copywrite all your own work
You won't have the same guidance, network and placement opportunities

There is a 3rd option if you haven't gone to college yet, you can go to a four-year university with an Advertising creative or design program.

Whatever you decide is best for you, do it and put in 100%. There are 500 other people out there who want a job as bad as you do. So work harder, be smarter, push further and do your absolute best - then do a little bit more.