What is Portfolio School Like?

1. You'll finger paint. Creativity comes from everywhere. Portfolio school teaches you how to think- differently, quickly, strategically.

2. You'll do it 100 times. Then another 10 times after that. The further you push yourself and your work, the farther you will get. Never stop at your first thought.

3. You'll daydream. Working with no budgets and no real clients means you can think as big and creatively as possible. Go for it.

4. You'll get your feelings hurt. Criticism and feedback make you stronger. Once you start learning what sucks, you'll start developing your own filter.

5. You'll learn how to imagine other people naked. Presenting is a valuable skill in this business. Most classes are set up with you sharing your ideas with your classmates weekly.

6. You'll practice for pitches. Every assignment is like a pitch. New client, new challenges, new chances to shine. And the intensity of final presentations/panel/end of the quarter is pretty close to Pitch Mode at an agency. Just with more pressure.

7. You'll play nice. Knowing how to work with a partner is essential. You don't have to like them, but you have to be able to work with them.

8. You'll make mistakes. Mess up now so you don't mess up later.

9. You'll make things. "Hands on" really means hands on. You'll be laying out, mocking up, building, cutting, framing, photographing, directing, casting, recording, editing, sewing, binding, beading, papermacheing (do people still do that?), pasting, starring in and shellacking most of your own work.

10. You won't be the funniest/weirdest/most creative one anymore. (Which means you have to work hard, longer, smarter)